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  • First info on 2nd add-on

    Hello everyone,

    We want to give you a little heads up on what we’re working on, that will be included in the second add-on for Endless Space. This second add-on will provide a lot of additions that will give more “ambience” and “life” to the galaxy and every new game you will play.

    First of all, the G2G votes that were finalized prior to the Achievement votes will be included in this add-on. This includes:
    • Random Interactive Events: Multiple choice interactive random events
    • Ambience Galaxy Map +: Give more life to the galaxy with the addition of comets, black holes, anomalies, etc…
    • Exploration Rewards: There will be rewards on some systems that can only be earned by the 1st players to reach them
    • Wonders: Adds wonders rewarding players’ exploration with strong and temporary boosts

    We’re also working on other features that will reinforce the immersion as well as AI, these will be revealed little by little in the upcoming weeks.

    Stay tuned!
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    1. Nomas's Avatar
      Nomas -
      I hope "ambience" and "feel" also includes more of that amazing artwork your designers make

      Anyways i am a happy man with every addition you make
    1. fazedjb's Avatar
      fazedjb -
      Great- can't wait!
    1. HumanSpacer's Avatar
      HumanSpacer -
      I'm sure that this add-on will add more life to the galaxy of Endless Space, making the game much more immersive.
    1. Tredecim's Avatar
      Tredecim -
      Nice news
    1. EvilTactician's Avatar
      EvilTactician -
      Awesome - especially Ambience.
    1. Romeo's Avatar
      Romeo -
      I know many people are excited about the Ambience, but the one that has me most excited is the Interaction events. They could really be game-changers. =)
    1. dasphoenix's Avatar
      dasphoenix -
      Wow I just got this game and I love it! My favorite race to play with so far is the Amoeba but I am still learning! I do wish however that when a deal was broken it would inform you someway like on other games where the leader pops up and says this deal will no longer work for us etc, also better diplo immersion to make it feel like you are actually interacting with them. Keep up the good work guys it really is a beautiful and awesome game!
    1. Wenchbane's Avatar
      Wenchbane -
      Random Interactive Events: Multiple choice interactive random events - you say??? Please read my thread (as annoying as I can be, I know I is so sorry =( love you long time?) Anyway here is link: I dropped some ideas for events and hope it helps you guys develop upon them!
    1. Hackuity's Avatar
      Hackuity -
      Exactly the news I wanted to hear from you, guys ^^I can't wait for this add-on ^^
    1. nats's Avatar
      nats -
      At last !!! We start to see the intersting stuff !!! Well done Amplitude for listening.

      And whilst I'm on everyone go and support the Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter project ;-)
    1. danomite's Avatar
      danomite -
      Somehow when I saw wonders as an option I pictured something more like Civilization 4's unique wonder buildings that providing nation wide bonuses, like say the Great Wall, rather than civ 5's unique tile wonders providing bonuses.
      Personally I feel that wonder buildings are something that really missing and is part of most other games of this type.
      All that said, great addon, keep it up!
    1. Apheirox's Avatar
      Apheirox -
      Best of luck to you, skamaks & Amplitude!
    1. Shivetya's Avatar
      Shivetya -
      Just put toggles in so I can decide which fluff I have to endure
    1. Devilmann711's Avatar
      Devilmann711 -
      Looking forward to it, I must be honest and say that my interest is still there, but the current vanilla feel has kept me from playing this as much as other 4x games I have owned.
    1. Ulnari's Avatar
      Ulnari -
      Sounds great, life and ambience is really what's missing!
    1. Jhurko's Avatar
      Jhurko -
      Anything that gives more "life" to the galaxy is welcome!
    1. nexinex's Avatar
      nexinex -
      Don't waste your time on more gimmicks, fix the multiplayer
    1. Connail's Avatar
      Connail -
      I love these ideas! I can't wait to see them i action, especially comets and black holes.
    1. grimmfang's Avatar
      grimmfang -
      How about you balance multiplayer so people take your game seriously.
    1. Rudest's Avatar
      Rudest -
      eeee! Can't wait!