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  • Lights of Polaris - Release

    There is a strange stillness in the galaxy, a hushed moment when denizens of the many worlds seem to be taking a breath. Perhaps they are preparing themselves for the next phase of work or war, perhaps they are simply relaxing after long toil. As the galactic year comes to an end living beings take stock of where they are and what they want to achieve; mechanicals recoup their strength and prepare their future tasks. And in this interlude of unexpected peace, somewhere, far in the northern hemisphere of a great arctic planet, beneath the cold snow and the wailing winds, there has been a discovery. Rumbling forever below the glaciers, an old installation of the Endless, still tended by descendants of the original workers, churns tirelessly throughout the frozen nights. Raw materials are collected, goods are produced and packaged, and an endless stream of boxes disappear into ships, portals, and sledges for distribution. What is this unceasing travail? What is the purpose of these strange, colourful, impractical objects that they build? They are not weapons nor tools, but something else; something whose utility lies just a step outside what is purely practical. Should you receive some of these objects and be surprised by what they are, look for Mr Erram Zen Eerbee. There is an ancient secret there from before the time of space travel; a secret that is hidden behind the twinkle in his eyes...


    New wonder

    Explorers have discovered a large industrial installation, decorated primarily in red and green, hidden under the snows of the northernmost part of this planet. This surprisingly vast infrastructure turns raw materials into finished products, specializing in goods that are small, robust, and colorful. While the details are not clear, reports are that the indigenous workers seem to refer to themselves as Expert Light FabricatorS.

    New hero

    Erram was best known for squeezing every last bit of value out of his operations -- and his employees. Generally hated for his management style if respected for his wealth, over a 24-hour period Erram underwent a stunning, 180-degree personality change. Rumours based on hearsay refer to Dust-induced hallucinations pertaining to historical occurrences, present day operations, and probability distributions of future events. Regardless of the reason, Erram left his job as head of accounting at the Polaris Workshop and now travels the galaxy, still famed for his management but also for his generosity

    Erram Zen Eerbee
    • Labor: 8
    • Wit: 7


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    LIGHTS OF POLARIS (1.0.45)

    • New balance of Factions traits (first pass).
    • Blockade breaker doesn't work with empire at war
    • Added abilities tree pictures for each hero class in "inspect" panel.
    • Added Steam cloud management system for saves.
    • New game introduction panel.
    • Added a new hero from minor faction.
    • Added a new natural Wonder with associated FX on planet.
    • Some additional texts translated in RUS/POL/ITA/GER.

    • Added new Steam achievements including [G2G] Votes:
      - Marco Polo with Tentacles / Have a Trade Route with every other system in the galaxy [Nosferatiel]
      - Alien and Eve / Colonize a Garden of Eden [groovytadpole]
      - CakeČ / Clone Galdos AI [Adder]
      - There's no Place like Home / Terraform a planet to your home planet type [EvilTactician]
      - There can only be One / Be the only remaining empire in a game with 8 starting empires [Monthar]
      - Cultural Assimilation / Envelop another empire's system in your Influence Area [FreeMarket]

    • Added exploration events flag option to remove the visual feedback in the galaxy view.
    • Removed exploration and random events making spawn pirates when the "no pirates" options is enabled.

    • New pre-battle cards selection system with adapted GUI and report panel [G2G vote]
    • AI can use retreat cards now (not allowed to pirates however).
    • New weight-balance of battle cards for AI use.
    • Added a new option in game options to enable or not the manual battles.

    • Players (including host) now forward orders to themselves instead of treating these locally.
    • Fixed wrong construction gets canceled/bought out leading to desync.
    • Fixed construction UID mismatch leading to desync.
    • Fixed fleet's orbit assert.
    • Fixed an issue where AI tries to buy out infinite improvements.
    • Fixed loading issue to MP session when pressing cancel after "Connecting to server" message appeared.
    • Fixed an issue when a client quits a session in progress then he will not be able to rejoin from the server list, since the session will no longer be displayed.

    • Fixed an issue where Dust miser and co-opetition corporate hero abbilities effects were mixed-up.
    • Fixed an issue where debug could be noticed on the battle notification.
    • Fixed an issue where the selfish dust bonus of the dust rain event was not displayed in the dust income summary tooltip.
    • Fixed an issue where the effects from exploration and random events were not properly applied after reloading a save.
    • Fixed some issues of GUI and localization.
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    1. Xanoth's Avatar
      Xanoth -
      Quite excited about this (I've been quite uninterested in all games until playing ES during the steam free weekend).Looking forward to seeing future updates, as I think there was hints that there is an expansion/dlc coming soon?
    1. Nomas's Avatar
      Nomas -
      Scrooge???? oO
    1. ZioYuri78's Avatar
      ZioYuri78 -
      Great work guys!
    1. Tw2Brick's Avatar
      Tw2Brick -
      Thanks for continuing to work on an outstanding game. We are not worthy. Now, take some time off, be with your families and enjoy your lives. See you on the other side of Endless Space. =)
    1. fixou's Avatar
      fixou -
      the art of this game is beautiful
    1. Atlantis_Risen's Avatar
      Atlantis_Risen -
      Holy shit...this is Christmas themed! When that post was created asking for christmas content after the Halloween, I never thought you'd do it. and eram zen eerbee is clearly Ebenezer (of Scrooge fame)
    1. Malicar's Avatar
      Malicar -
      Thank you very much and Merry Xmas to everyone at Amplitude and the rest of the known universe!
    1. Roguim's Avatar
      Roguim -
      Only a small question? This new hero have a flying-shark-Chariot? Thanks for the add-on.
    1. Trinimutt's Avatar
      Trinimutt -
      Sweet. Thank you guys. Hope you guys take a nice long break for Christmas. You guys earned it with all the work you did since release.
    1. Roflrocket's Avatar
      Roflrocket -
      Merry Christmas Endless Space community!
    1. DMT's Avatar
      DMT -
      Fantastic it looks amazing!!!!!!!!! Too bad I am to busy today to test the new add on. Looks like sync issues were addressed. You rock amplitude!!! Happy Xmas and have a fantastic break hurry up and let us pre order the xpac, I wanna give you more money!!!!!
    1. FarOceans's Avatar
      FarOceans -
      Thank You!! I'm really enjoying this game. Maybe too much... was up past 1 in the morning on a week night... now more goodies... oh my!
    1. neare's Avatar
      neare -
      amazing keep the good work!
    1. beire's Avatar
      beire -
      I will enjoy the multiplayer fixes, thank you !
    1. Sharidann's Avatar
      Sharidann -
      Hohoho! AWESOME illustrations by the way!
    1. Codename_Veers's Avatar
      Codename_Veers -
      Thank's a lot! We are so happy to have you! My favorite Sci-Fi 4X game! Merry Christmas and a happy new year!
    1. TurtleShotty's Avatar
      TurtleShotty -
      Love this update. unlocking achievements already
    1. Velete's Avatar
      Velete -
      Epic, picked up the game the day before this cameout!
    1. satake_naruto's Avatar
      satake_naruto -
      really nice,awesome
    1. Cyberalien18's Avatar
      Cyberalien18 -
      Congrats guys