• Automaton Ship Design Competition

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    1. lnxnet's Avatar
      lnxnet -
      Brilliant !
    1. Tiggy's Avatar
      Tiggy -
      have to say i didnt see this coming O_o
    1. Digitalhawk96's Avatar
      Digitalhawk96 -
      But... but... Automatons have all these cool, weird, funky shapes and are kinda hard to draw. I want to submit something at least.Time to actually learn how to use a scanner and scan some drawings i suppose. Prelims and School does not mix well this this but i have plans! Im off to collect some images for studying. I can say im quivering with excitement!
    1. PANCZASU's Avatar
      PANCZASU -
      I really, REALLY wish I could draw. I'd make like 9 entries. But alas, that is not one of my talents :/
    1. Spartan234's Avatar
      Spartan234 -
      Finally, Automatons will stop to rent ships from the cravers: I'm really glad to see that.
    1. Roachburn's Avatar
      Roachburn -