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  • Add-On 4 - Virtual Awakening

    Hello everyone,

    We are hoping you are all enjoying the 1.0.60 update we recently released, as well as our first game design document on Fighters & Bombers for the expansion pack we revealed for the current G2G vote.

    In between all these interesting things, we have even more surprises for you: our fourth free add-on:

    Virtual Awakening

    Today, we are introducing a new hero: Berege Carter, who might ring a bell, if you paid attention or even participated in the Thousand-Year War community project and wiki! Indeed, we decided to make this new hero as a reward to our great community members for their creativity and passion for the ES universe.

    Check out these links if you are interested in participating:

    Pirate hero, Berege Carter

    Berege Carter

    Commander / Pilot

    • Labour: 0
    • Wit: 0
    • Melee: 3
    • Offence: 8
    • Defence: 4

    "A highly decorated commander in the UEH navy, Carter quit the service in 3536 when she could no longer ignore the Empire's acts of atrocity against Amoeba civilians. Now a pirate and freelance troublemaker, she is extremely wealthy and a constant source of trouble for the UEH. Though she seems to be in it for the money, in fact Carter harbours notions of building a fleet strong enough to give the Empire what it deserves. If she does not live long enough to do it, she will pass the task on to her unborn child."

    That is all for now, but find out more about “Virtual Awakening” in the upcoming days on the Dev Blog!
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    1. Sovereign's Avatar
      Sovereign -
      Shes not in the Kitchen!

      but honestly Space Battles are not the best places for pregnant Womans
      and is this a pregnancy test which glows for positive and her face expression says..."DAMIT"!!! ?

      wow man iam kind of sexist am i?

      but either way good job
    1. Tredecim's Avatar
      Tredecim -
      Not that funny Sovereign Good job devs, anyways
    1. rudderbutt's Avatar
      rudderbutt -
      She looks a lot like Amanda Tapping (Samantha Carter from Stargate) Seeing the name kind of confirmed the connection for me.
    1. Nomas's Avatar
      Nomas -
      Was about to write the same thing
    1. Sovereign's Avatar
      Sovereign -
      yeah thats right she looks exactly like Samantha Carter from Stargate just with black hair.
    1. MacDante's Avatar
      MacDante -
      its first HERO which have 19 points on stats!
    1. Steph'nie's Avatar
      Steph'nie -
      Quote Originally Posted by MacDante View Post
      its first HERO which have 19 points on stats!
      My mistake... I edited it.