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  • Add On 4 Release Date and Expansion Pack Faction Vote

    Hi everyone,

    Amplitude Studios celebrated last month its 2 year anniversary and we are very proud to still be here thanks to you. A year ago we were preparing the release of Endless Space’s Alpha version on Steam just before suddenly welcoming 15k members in the first month on our forums. After thousands of feedbacks, ideas, discussions, a couple of bugs, competitions, beers and add-ons, we’re super happy to announce that our latest add-on called “Virtual Awakening” will be released March 11th. Next Monday!

    Moreover, we opened a discussion on the expansion, back in August (a few months after the release). Our goal was to make sure we wouldn't go in the wrong direction and you were here to guide us. We started early to make sure we wouldn't miss anything. As you might already know, this expansion pack will focus on battles, and we know there are a lot of things we can improve and add, which we were not able to do before now.

    As Stéphanie announced yesterday, we promised exciting news and here it is: our latest GAMES2GETHER vote will give you the opportunity to choose the new faction that will feature in Endless Space’s expansion pack!

    We have 3 concepts that we regrouped in 3 archetypes:

    • The Dust Collective, a merchant faction that cannot declare war but has access to many devious tools.
    • The Virus, a faction that infects whoever it has contact with.
    • The Harmony, a mysterious mineral life form that can “harmonize” the universe…

    Please feel free to vote for your favorite one so we can develop them further.

    Starting next week we’ll be discussing more of the pack content with you, although we started a while back with the VIPs with Meedoc in the front-line!

    In the meantime we still have a lot on our plate: Virtual Awakening planned for next Monday, the new votes and discussions on the expansion pack, the Automaton ship design competitions that just ended…

    Glad you are still riding along with us.

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    1. Tredecim's Avatar
      Tredecim -
      Harmony 4 Victory
    1. psychospy's Avatar
      psychospy -
      Now that's a good news!! Thank you guys, you're doing great job Definitely all three races are great, but my choice is Harmony
    1. psychospy's Avatar
      psychospy -
      But i'm pretty sure that The Virus gonna win... You shouldn't have told us faction names :P
    1. Gecinyuszi's Avatar
      Gecinyuszi -
      Virus is pretty cool. I wonder how its gonna be utilized. If they can turn enemy ships into their benefit and infect the galaxy as like the Zerg, that my friend will be badass.
    1. Gameslayer989's Avatar
      Gameslayer989 -
      Why can't we just have all 3? T_T
    1. Sovereign's Avatar
      Sovereign -
      The Dust Collective:
      Very cool Lore..nice Affinity influence become more usefull afterall

      The Virus:
      Well...we have the cravers...we do not need more Cravers why the endless build tons of half synthetic life forms as living weapons this is getting a bit boring.

      The Harmony:
      So they are the Tholians from Star Trek (which are indeed very cool and powerful)
    1. Escodrion's Avatar
      Escodrion -
      Would be cool if we got Heroes from the factions that didn't win at least.
    1. Stargem's Avatar
      Stargem -
      I like the idea of the Harmony, they sound the most original of the bunch and have nifty abilities. That, and it makes me think of The Many for some reason...
    1. Kareal's Avatar
      Kareal -
      As most players play custom races(in MP) I don't think that many people would pick The Harmony, also with no approval bonus its like a 20% FIDS penalty all the time.

      The Virus on the other hand looks useful as an affinity and seems like they will have some neat techs to go with their affinity.
    1. Biaslemon's Avatar
      Biaslemon -
      All 3 races sound badass! My vote goes to the virus though, infecting other race's systems sounds awesome, but does that mean as the virus you'll only be able to take existing colonies and not colonize yourself? If so that sounds like a very interesting game-play type, also the dust collective's affinity sounds great so even if it doesn't win you could always sneak it in as a unique affinity for custom races
    1. Nomas's Avatar
      Nomas -
      Dust Collective becauce its time to make that influence worth something. Imo make them more trade oriented money makers
    1. Troodon's Avatar
      Troodon -
      I am really rooting for harmony.

      Virus is too similar to the cravers in my opinion, and they sound OP.

      Also, haven't the virtual endless made enough stuff already?
    1. Malfeas's Avatar
      Malfeas -
      I just voted, but I wanted to voice that I'd really like to see all three of those in game. All three sound as if playing them might feel like an interesting new approach to the game.
    1. Vicarious's Avatar
      Vicarious -
      Let's harmonize the universe! But The Virus will win
    1. Sovereign's Avatar
      Sovereign -

      Well and a race without individuals...infesting planets and with biological living ships...
      WOW how innovative there was never a race like that before!

      and iam feared they get the most votes cause Star Craft II : Heart of the Swarm release is soon.
    1. Genouious's Avatar
      Genouious -
      I was originally all for the Harmony, however if I understand their lore they really should be more technologically advanced than the endless (let alone the other races). Thusly, in my opinion, they cannot truly be justified in game, as a playable, balanced race. As for the virus again they sound too powerful lore wise to justify their presence in game as a balanced faction, although I'd love to see them late game as a higher tech pirates. They give off a real replicator/borg/flood/etc vibe, I always love a galactic menace the other races have to ally against. The Dust Collective however sound like a unique, well playable faction. It meshes cleanly with the other factions and there affinity will prove, at the very least, an irritation for other players. Full support to the dust collective!
    1. InFlamesWeTrust's Avatar
      InFlamesWeTrust -
      Can't we just have them all? Pwitty pwease!
    1. Troodon's Avatar
      Troodon -
      Wait. I just realized 2 questions. 1. How do we explain how the Harmony suddenly need food and technology?2. How do we explain how the Harmony suddenly have the urge to settle down and build a civilization?I am rooting for Harmony, but those questions trouble me.
    1. KnightHawk's Avatar
      KnightHawk -
      The Dust Collective sounds great.
    1. KidKirbyUltra's Avatar
      KidKirbyUltra -
      Can we get all three