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  • "The Search for Auriga" Announced

    Hi guys,

    Well, we did promise an announcement, so here it is: we are currently working on a new free add-on for Endless Space: Disharmony titled:
    The Search for Auriga

    “The Search for Auriga” will include new heroes, a special wonder, a unique planet, in addition to new features such as Rally Points as well as AI and balancing improvements. More details will be unveiled very soon. The add-on will be releasing in November 2013 on Steam.

    To celebrate the announcement of ‘The Search for Auriga’ an event, Endless Space Emperor Edition, Endless Space Gold and Endless Space Disharmony have a -75% promotion on Steam until tomorrow, Saturday 19th.

    Check out the Steam store pages here:

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    1. InFlamesWeTrust's Avatar
      InFlamesWeTrust -
      I can't wait for the new planet!
    1. Stealth_Hawk's Avatar
      Stealth_Hawk -
      Ah, back to the good old free add-ons. Minimal bugs. Don't have to fork out cash. New stuff. Boss.
    1. Tiggy's Avatar
      Tiggy -
      looking good :-) quick question though... how the hell you pronounce " Auriga " ?
    1. DMW78's Avatar
      DMW78 -
      Nice. Do you have any plans to add unique random factions function into the game setup menu? I don't like to have multiple same factions in game and that's why i don't use random factions in game. By setting the factions by myself takes away some of the excitement of exploring the galaxy. Also when I know from the start who I'm playing against effects the strategy how I play the game.
    1. T41's Avatar
      T41 -
      Cool, I'm excited
    1. Nasarog's Avatar
      Nasarog -
      Time to pick up Disharmony.
    1. Ail's Avatar
      Ail -
      That's why the patch is taking so long ^^
    1. DMT's Avatar
      DMT -
      This is AMPLITUDE
    1. Ca_Putt's Avatar
      Ca_Putt -
      Yay! Sounds fantastic!just two things: will there be weapon changes? - and - will there be unique random factions?
    1. Makaveli61's Avatar
      Makaveli61 -
      Sounds Good! Cant wait for this,
    1. stilz's Avatar
      stilz -
      "Rally point" finally. And finally an Endless Space announcement. Please do not abandon your first game!
    1. anc42's Avatar
      anc42 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Tiggy View Post
      looking good :-) quick question though... how the hell you pronounce " Auriga " ?
      I believe it is pronounced OR-EEGA
    1. Sharp's Avatar
      Sharp -
      Sweet. Will this addon also have the option to hide player rankings (multiplayer and singleplayer)? It's annoying thing to see and it should be possible to hide it in a game options if a player wish.
    1. Sharidann's Avatar
      Sharidann -
      Doing the happy dance!
    1. Werthyman's Avatar
      Werthyman -
      Quote Originally Posted by Ail View Post
      That's why the patch is taking so long ^^
      Exactly! Everyone always buys ES+Disharmony+Emperor edition when they are on sale (Not blaming anyone of course, it's smart on their part) but it really hurts small companies such as amplitude.
    1. Tiggy's Avatar
      Tiggy -
      Quote Originally Posted by anc42 View Post
      I believe it is pronounced OR-EEGA
      thank you, SOOOO much :-P
    1. SirEyeball's Avatar
      SirEyeball -
      sounds really good Planets are always welcome more types could be cool too
    1. wintermute213's Avatar
      wintermute213 -
      Auriga you say? ...So how might this tie in to Endless Legend, I wonder?