• [DotE] Scientific Progress Goes "Woof"

    Hey everyone,

    We hope you had a nice weekend and that you are enjoying the latest build of Dungeon of the Endless. We have recently introduced the Laboratory environment and all know that you are eagerly expecting the last missing resource of DotE:


    It will complete the FIDS (Food, Industry, Dust, Science) you can already find in our previous game, Endless Space! Of course, the update will include other features as well, but we'll tell you more about that when the update is available: sometime this week.

    SCIENCE 101

    The addition of Science in Dungeon of the Endless is defined by:
    • a resource
    • a major module
    • an Endless Artefact

    Science will grant the player a new possibility of progression to adjust to the evolving difficulty. Indeed, you will be able to research new modules or the improved versions of your current ones, with Endless Artefact.

    This Endless Artefact represents a new room type and a positive event. When clicking on the Artefact, the player will be given four possible choices; each of these choices may be: a new module or an upgraded version of a module you already have. The randomness of blueprints is then replaced by the research of modules through these Endless Artefacts.

    A module research will cost you Science points, that you will be able to produce thanks to the Science major module, and three door openings (three turns, basically) to be completed. This means that you will need to protect the Artefact against the enemy waves, creating an interesting new defence point in the dungeon that will force you, or not, to defend it until your research is completed or for later use.

    Once you have unlocked a new module or obtained its upgraded version, it will automatically be replaced by its newer version. After that, you will be able to use the Artefact for another research, following the same process.

    It will be almost impossible to research all the modules in the game, which will greatly diversify each playthrough and encourage the player to make the best choice possible. Indeed, she/he should be aware that the modules presented to them may or may not reappear again; this should increase the importance of making the right decision.

    The player will then decide if she/he wants to specialise or diversify her/his modules.
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    1. Predateur701's Avatar
      Predateur701 -
      Sometime this week. \o/
    1. Lynx_gnt's Avatar
      Lynx_gnt -
      This week gonna be really good With new content and new votes incoming
    1. DaveyAlcala@live.com's Avatar
      I can't wait for the new votes, and just the idea of Science is amazing
    1. fepriest's Avatar
      fepriest -
      I like how this changes the modules into found objects left over the Endless. Originally I thought the modules were blueprints from the crashed success, but this artefact flavor makes for a more compelling aesthetic. Looking forward to the update's release.
    1. Eedgy's Avatar
      Eedgy -
      Great ! I am looking forward to the update !!! and trying some science ! I am not sure I catch correctly the meaning of this sentence : "Once you have unlocked a new module or obtained its upgraded version, it will automatically be replaced by its newer version". Does it means once a new upgrade is unlocked all the modules already built will "evolve" to the upgraded version ?
    1. Mysterarts's Avatar
      Mysterarts -
      @Eedgy: absolutely!
    1. Frogomat's Avatar
      Frogomat -
      I vote for the dog as new hero for DotE.
    1. Nasarog's Avatar
      Nasarog -
      When will the mac version be available?
    1. Eedgy's Avatar
      Eedgy -
      Quote Originally Posted by Mysterarts View Post
      @Eedgy: absolutely!
      Thank you for your answer ! Sound good !