• [DotE] The Scientist update [0.2.0] & New G2G Vote

    DotE - 0.2.0 update - The Scientist

    Hey guys,

    Here it is at last... As we mentioned earlier this week, we are introducing a new resource in Dungeon of the Endless: Science .

    We have been amazed by the amount of submissions in our latest forums competition for hero items. With about 180+ ideas, we have decided to allow the community to vote for their favourites, which now leads us to tonight's GAMES2GETHER vote on hero items!

    G2G Vote

    You will be able to vote for your most preferred items: weapon, armour and device. Here's a link: http://g2g.amplitude-studios.com/G2G-Votes2

    • T41 - Litsaber - Sword - Found on the body of a mysterious robed man, this beautiful weapon slices up nearly all materials with ease (DPS +3, Defence +2)
    • Tainted - Totem Pole - Spear - While intended to educate future generations; the engravings, silhouettes, and length make for an excellent spear (Wit +2, DPS +1)
    • Nosferatiel - Déjà-vu - Gun - Aptly named for the property of shooting two bullets in rapid succession each time you pull the trigger (DPS +2)

    • Tainted - Nanofiber Jumpsuit - Heavily utilized in the espionage and package delivery industries for its many pockets and flexible construction. (Move Speed +2, DPS +1)
    • Nodjia - Ponderous Lab-Coat - This semi-sentient lab-coat continually questions the motivations and decisions of the wearer.... "Why?" (Wit +2, Defence +2, Move Speed -2)
    • bendingbones - The Kings' Armour - The previous owner was beheaded by Vikings. Apparently he tried to steal from them. In this situation revenge was indeed sweet. (Max health + 3, Defence +1, Health Regen +2)

    • Frogomat - Tin Foil Hat - Think free of whatever you want. They will never know. (Wit +3, Defence +1)
    • suspense0522 - Nano-Bros - These helpful microscopic creatures will repair your body AND be the best wing-men around! (Wit +2, Health Regeneration +2)
    • Melkathi - Blue Pill - Ignorance is bliss, and this pill will cause your synapses to fry. (Wit -3, Health Regen +2)

    As for the previous vote, let's all congratulate: CharlieWoo's "Shop" module and Lynx_gnt's "Bioorganic Transference" module for their modules. The results have been really close but the community made a choice! We'll add these modules in a later update.

    Release Notes [0.2.0] - The Scientist

    Changes & Additions

    • Changed version annotation system
    • Changed location of the diagnostics.html files: .../Public/Documents/Dungeon of the Endless/Temporary Files
    • Changed keys configuration for specific keyboards
    • Added a shortcut: you can now select a module in the build menu with F1, F2, F3, F4 or Z, X, C ,V
    • Changed a shortcut: you can select multiple heroes with “Q” on QWERTY/QWERTZU (“A” on AZERTY keyboard)

    • Added 3 new items with special skills
      • Aftershave
      • Hipster Scarf
      • Ahhrrrmani Suit
    • Added an area of effect FX for the “Claymoar” module
    • Improved notifications:
      • New item discovery
      • New module unlocked
    • Improved module tooltips
    • New score calculation: it is now based on the number of doors open, FIS gathered, killed mobs, Dust lost, heroes lost and FIS left at the end; we decided not to take the time factor into account and continue to display it as a second value

    • Modified several VFXs and SFXs on skills and the Sewer environment
    • Added VFX on superior levels modules
    • Added VFX when you level up modules
    • Added VFX when you suppressed modules

    • Added a new resource: Science
    • Implemented Endless Artefacts: you can now find artefacts in rooms that allow you to research new modules, in exchange of Science; this artefact needs to be defended during the research (3 turns). See Dev Blog for details: http://forums.amplitude-studios.com/...ress-Goes-Woof
    • Added levels on modules: you can now level up your modules with Endless Artefacts ; 4 levels per modules, for both major and minor modules
    • Added 3 new modules:
      • Science Creator I (major module)
      • Tactical HUD (major module)
      • Tear Gas (minor module)

    • Increased the overall difficulty of the game
    • Reduced the difficulty on level 1
    • Reduced price and power of non-common items
    • Reduced spawn probability of some powerful items
    • Tweaked effects of support / debuff modules
    • Reduced power of some modules, as resource production of major modules (but can be increased with level up)
    • Increased hero levelling up cost (especially for the last levels)
    • Increased power of some passive skills
    • Increased merchant HP / defence
    • Reduced the amount of minor slots in the last levels
    • Increased the amount of major slots
    • Reduced disparity between mobs speed (increased difficulty)
    • Increased Dust loot in rooms
    • Changed the defence computation: new formula of damage = attack power * (1 - (defence / defence + 100)) with new defence values for heroes, mobs, items, modules and skill (prevents invincibility)

    We are currently working on the difficulty levels.

    • Fixed the effect of some passive skills:
      • Repair
      • Knee Deep in Blood
      • Placebo
    • Fixed several bugs:
      • Chest stuck in doorway after a hero’s death
      • Blocked hero in a specific room
      • Rocks appearing in the background
    • Fixed an exploit: free Dust from the Merchant

    Your previous save will not be compatible so make sure you start a new game!

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    1. Frogomat's Avatar
      Frogomat -
      Yeay! \o/ Next DotE run starting NOW
    1. DaveyAlcala@live.com's Avatar
      Huzzah! I am so glad that science is now playing a role in the game
    1. Lynx_gnt's Avatar
      Lynx_gnt -
      Congratulations to CharlieWoo, that was really intense battle and people choose the best one. Glad to see a lot of new content in game, whitch makes game more complicated and more interesting. Hope that difficulty also wouldn't dissapoint me
    1. Eedgy's Avatar
      Eedgy -
      Woot !!! Thank you ! New game starting now for me too
    1. AngryBeaver's Avatar
      AngryBeaver -
      This seems like a fault noteChanged the defence computation: new formula of damage = attack power * (1 - (defence / defence + 100)) with new defence values for heroes, mobs, items, modules and skill (prevents invincibility)specifically defence / defence + 100that would mean the defence is pointless as any number divided by itself will equal 1 and because of order of operations it's bound to happen before the + 100, which would make the equationattackPower * -100Not that I intend to tell you your own equations but might you have meantdamage = attack power * (1 - defence / (defence + 100))I bring it up because this stuff is always of interest to me, first science playthrough seems nice an YAY for the placebo fix
    1. Mysterarts's Avatar
      Mysterarts -
      You're right AngryBeaver
    1. Frogomat's Avatar
      Frogomat -
      I did 2 runs. I like it. Is harder than 0.1.21 but not unfair in my opinion. Lots of new items and modules. The new resource brings a new challenge. Its a bit harder now to hoard tons of resources because you to balance a bit between them. Good work!
    1. GFX47's Avatar
      GFX47 -
      Quote Originally Posted by mysterarts View Post
      you're right angrybeaver
      And that's why you shouldn't touch the code! ^^
    1. SirEyeball's Avatar
      SirEyeball -
      Typical! A new vote is up and my profile is down 250 points due to update or something. Well have to wait till my points are right again before voting I guess
    1. bendingbones's Avatar
      bendingbones -
      nooo/yaaayy another update. havent really been able to properly play the game with college slowly eating away at my freetime. but its spring break and instead of partying i'll be playing this. cant wait to start dabbling with science.
    1. Sunday's Avatar
      Sunday -
      I'm looking forward in playing the game now that science is placed.