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  • Some update on DotE's development

    Hi guys,

    I’m Sébastien, aka GFX47. I’m the Lead programmer on Dungeon of the Endless (the only full time programmer on the project actually) and I would like to let you know where exactly we stand on the development of the game.

    Besides many other additions, we have started working on the multiplayer of DotE. It’s a cool announcement to make and we’re excited to see the feature fully implemented at some point. Nonetheless, it also implies something important: this is a long task that will require a lot of testing, feedback and iterations; meaning that unfortunately, the frequency of public updates will be reduced for a while.

    On a side note, that will also affect the production rhythm of DotE, I would like to inform you that I will be unable to fulfil my job at Amplitude for a few weeks, for personal reasons (nope, unfortunately not holidays).

    Anyway, the show must go on: a DotE update should be available soon. We’ll post the complete release notes when the version is ready so make sure you finish your current save as it will not be compatible with the new version. Then, I remind you that we will do our best to make it up to you sometime and somehow. We’ll keep you posted...

    Thanks for your support!
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    1. fepriest's Avatar
      fepriest -
      Hope you and yours are alright and whatever has come up in your life is resolved as gently and peacably as the situation allows.
    1. Codename_Veers's Avatar
      Codename_Veers -
      No worries, we hope everything will be well for you soon. We love your work and are thankfull for every bit.
    1. SpaceVC's Avatar
      SpaceVC -
      Be well, GFX47! We care.
    1. Valiot's Avatar
      Valiot -
      Sebastien you rock! Take all the time you need, you deserve a break after all your hard work. You and the amplitude team have done a great job and I completely understand taking some time off to rest and recuperate. Looking forward to the incipient update and go Amplitude Studios!! P.s. - I hope syphons make it into the DotE somehow
    1. Arthier83's Avatar
      Arthier83 -
      All the endless communitty hope everything is alraight or at least very soon. We are very excited to this game to be fully developed but we are humans and we cannot fulfil our work due to something else. Everything is alright man.Take care GFX47
    1. Eysteinh's Avatar
      Eysteinh -
      Be well GFX47 and come back strong
    1. LemonadeWarrior's Avatar
      LemonadeWarrior -
      Multiplayer takes a long time to implicate in any game and I can see in this game that it may be more difficult but i am only a begining programmer what do i know :P
    1. Eedgy's Avatar
      Eedgy -
      I post a little late, Sébastien you are probably already out of office. Aniway, in case this is transmitted or you keep following the forum, I really wanted to give you a support hug. The job you did on DOTE (and it is the same for the whole tiny team you are) is really great and I am having so much fun with the game. I had the chance to meet you brieffly at the Beer2Gether, and it does not take long to see that you are a nice personne, really respectfull. Take care and hope to see you soon back in great form !