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  • [DotE] Hero Select

    Hi everyone,

    We've missed you. We recently got back from the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco where we got to show Dungeon of the Endless and Endless Legend to our fellow developers and the press. It was really nice to hear from people in the industry and who we admire that they enjoyed Endless Space or DotE and that they're looking forward to playing EL. I'll try to write a blog post about our adventure there.

    Anyway, as we mentioned last week, the frequency of public updates on Steam for Dungeon of the Endless has been reduced. Indeed, the lead programmer on the project, our beloved GFX47, had to temporary leave his position for personal reasons. Besides, we have also announced the oh so exciting multiplayer co-op mode that we have started working on. Here's a link if you're interested but once again, we would like to remind you that this MP mode should only be a first version of what we are planning to achieve and this may take a little while and feedback from you before we can obtain something satisfying and fun for everyone.

    We have an update going live on Steam very shortly and a fun new trailer as a bonus! You'll be able to experiment a first taste of persistence element in Dungeon of the Endless: progression, discovery, unlocks, all that! How will it work? well, you'll need to select two heroes, or pick the random option for one or both heroes. The choices available to you are: Max, Sara and Opbot. Of course, are you encounter new heroes, you will be able to finally unlock them. However, it won't be that easy... Indeed, you will need to keep them alive during at least three levels or until the end of the game. Now that should be fun!

    We also need to warn you about important consequences:
    • Your game save once again will not be compatible with the new version. Please make sure you start a new game!
    • The offline persistency is subject to change during the Steam Early Access period. You may lose your progression (hero unlocks, game stats) several times during development and up until the release of the game.

    RELEASE NOTES [0.4.4]

    Changes and Additions
    • Added the first foundation stone of the persistence:
      • Unlock heroes in the dungeon
      • Select your starting heroes or keep the random option (panel still WIP)
    • Added 3 community items:
      • Litsaber by T41 [G2G]
      • The Kings' Armour by bendingbones [G2G]
      • Nano-Bros by suspense0522 [G2G]
    • Added 2 new tracks
    • Added some SFX
    • Fixed some tooltip descriptions
    • Implemented Cyrillic characters in the game fonts

    • Increased power of Hikensha and Sara
    • Reduced level up food cost of Hikensha
    • Increased life and/or defence of mobs: Hydra, Golem, Mini Golem
    • Updated the targeting system by prioritising Golem
    • Tweaked some items power and cost
    • Increased power of skills: Neurostun Lite, Placebo, first Aid
    • Increased power of Autodoc Shards module

    Bug Fix
    • Fixed a bug where a hero and a monster can be blocked chasing each other if they have the same speed
    • Fixed a bug where the Cryo Capsule and the Dust Factory keep re-spawning after the save/load
    • Fixed a bug with the upgraded modules health bar height
    • Fixed a bug related to the lights on major modules
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    1. amaterasu's Avatar
      amaterasu -
      Yay persistent elements are here!Glad you implement them!

      EDIT: Oh by the way: AWESOME trailer!
    1. Predateur701's Avatar
      Predateur701 -
      Awesome! \o/
    1.'s Avatar
      Huzzah! The update looks great so far
    1. evopanop's Avatar
      evopanop -
      Please release a Mac build! This update looks AMAZING, by the way.
    1. Lynx_gnt's Avatar
      Lynx_gnt -
      I wonder, whens the "Shop" and "Bioorganic transference" modules will be added? :3 Also, the hero select screen have 2 last panels. Well, i'm sure that one of it is for Josh 'Ntello. Does this mean, that we have only one unknown hero, that could be created/selected by forum brainstorm? Also, thanks for implementing cyrillic characters from all russian community
    1. T41's Avatar
      T41 -
      Great preview . Looks great
    1. Mysterarts's Avatar
      Mysterarts -
      @Lynx_gnt Don't worry, the window can be resized to welcome a new hero
    1. Ca_Putt's Avatar
      Ca_Putt -
      Best Trailer-like! Btw anyone know when the release(as in not Early acces) is?
    1. Steph'nie's Avatar
      Steph'nie -
      Quote Originally Posted by Ca_Putt View Post
      Best Trailer-like! Btw anyone know when the release(as in not Early acces) is?
      We haven't announced anything yet.
    1. Ca_Putt's Avatar
      Ca_Putt -
      ok, at least I haven't missed anything^^ Just played a round and wanted to report some bugs, on comeing back I saw you already dealt with them though luck
    1. Eedgy's Avatar
      Eedgy -
      Yes ! a new update ! *start a new game immediatly* Great trailor, love the general tone ! (and music is great )