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  • Endless Legend Early Access to release this Thursday 24th!

    Dear all,

    I am delighted to announce that the long wait has come to an end: we are going to release the Early Access version of Endless Legend this very Thursday April 24th. The build will be up on Steam and the Store on our website around 7PM CET.

    I know lots of you are eager to play the game and I guarantee that we have worked hard to provide you with a great Alpha version of the game. We have put our souls, guts, youth and much more into this game, so I sure hope you will appreciate it. Something tells me you will (I had a blast playing a release candidate this week-end and today), but of course I will let you build your own opinion in 48 hours from now.

    A special thanks for the VIPs, who have been playing the game for four months now, first in a state which could hardly be called playable, and finally evolved into what the game is today. As we did for Dungeon of the Endless, we relied on their opinion to decide if the game was ready for release.

    We are far from the final release: some contents and features are missing, but this is precisely why your feedback will be critical and fruitful during the Early Access period. We are prepared to listen and incorporate suggestions and integrate them into production. Obviously the feedback will be more relevant once you have the game in your hands. I cannot wait to read your posts on the forum!

    Just two more days, have patience!

    PS: stay tuned for more details.
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    1. DevildogFF's Avatar
      DevildogFF -
      THIS IS THE BEST NEWS EVVVVVVVVVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!Wi ll buy immediately upon release! Can't wait to help! Fantastic job to Amplitude and the VIPs. It really looks like a gem!
    1. Mansen's Avatar
      Mansen -
      Whoop Whoop
    1. Eoino's Avatar
      Eoino -
      Delighted, glad its coming out this week. Looking forward to playing it and giving you guys some feedback.
    1. Buzz's Avatar
      Buzz -
      What are the price points, also is there gonna be a special version?
    1. Shtong's Avatar
      Shtong -
      Excellent ! I'll be sure to check that one out
    1. mlwhitt's Avatar
      mlwhitt -
      I know this is just impatience on my part but any chance you could preview the edition types (if there are multiple editions) and more importantly what the EA prices will be?
    1. Hunter93's Avatar
      Hunter93 -
      And now I'm debating with myself if I want to buy this or one of the other games that I want XD
    1. VieuxChat's Avatar
      VieuxChat -
      Finally ! We can now talk about the rel...*thump* *thump* /dead oldcat
    1. Predateur701's Avatar
      Predateur701 -
      Day one.
    1. Stuie's Avatar
      Stuie -
      Awesome. Congrats to the dev team and yay for the players! Looks like I'll be "working from home" on Friday.
    1. Seek's Avatar
      Seek -
      Amazing, can't wait!
    1. PorkChopExpress's Avatar
      PorkChopExpress -
      Great! Congrats! I'll grab on the 24th
    1. wahnvorstellung's Avatar
      wahnvorstellung -
      We need more infos on multiplayer!
    1. metaldream's Avatar
      metaldream -
      Can you tell us how much it's going to cost? Because I need to put some money in the bank first
    1. Eedgy's Avatar
      Eedgy -
      Great ! I will be day one buyer ! As several already asked, will there be several versions (and for which cost ) ? I do not want to do the same mistake I did for DOTE where I did not bought the more supportvive edition !
    1. LemonadeWarrior's Avatar
      LemonadeWarrior -
      Oh my god got to start getting money
    1. T41's Avatar
      T41 -
      Must resist urge to buy....must have complete state....
    1. Sovereign's Avatar
      Sovereign -
      nice very nice i was just checking the side cause the annoucment of early acces just a few days before it has become amplitude tradition.
    1. fepriest's Avatar
      fepriest -
      Y'know, I can't justify buying new games ordinarily anymore, but I feel like buying a game in Alpha is genuinely worth my money. I'm guaranteed to get more hours out of it, and the experience keeps evolving up until final release. It's a great feeling.
    1. SpaceVC's Avatar
      SpaceVC -
      By the way, I think this Endless Legend logo/drawing is incredibly beautiful.