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  • [DotE] Badass Update [0.5.0]

    Hi everybody,

    I know you must still be under the shock/excitement of our Endless Legend announcement yesterday, but we have not forgotten about Dungeon of the Endless! It's not the multiplayer yet (it's coming, we promised you!) but it's still a pretty cool update: the Drakken environment (we actually showed it at PAX East!), two new floors, new heroes that only use machine guns, new mobs with interesting behaviours, the elite mobs and other improvements, additions and bug fixes.

    BADASS UPDATE [0.5.0]

    • Added 2 new floors; the dungeon now has a total of 8 levels
    • Added the Drakken environment at the level 7 and 8
    • Added 2 new heroes, both equipped with Machine Guns:
      • Rakya Pulmoni “Smokestack”and her module skills
      • Ken Massoqui “Sado-Maso Militarist” and his risky skills
    • Added 1 new minor offensive module: the Machine Gun (caution: may overheat!)
    • Added 2 new mobs: the Kamikazes
      • Special behaviours: targets the most populated (heroes and module) rooms; stop it before it reaches your most precious rooms
        • Chimera Kamikaze: slow and usually on its own, will cause a huge explosion.
        • Necrophage Kamikaze: weak but a hive of them. They're fast!
    • Added 3 elite mobs, from the level 6, you can encounter stronger forms of:
      • Necrophage Trash
      • Necrophage Hunter
      • Silics Bulldozer
    • Added Steam Cloud support

    • Improved the fog of war (visual effect and logic)
    • Improved bump map: better lighting on mobs, heroes, merchant and modules
    • Fonts:
      • Added Portuguese/Brazilian characters
      • Added Ukrainian and anti-aliased Cyrillic characters
    • Added new sound effects
    • Reduced the loading time during level generation

    • Improved mobs repartition: there are now less different mobs in each floor and new mobs to discover in each floor. Some mobs now spawn only after a certain amount of doors opened. This repartition will evolve at each update according to the new mobs and floors
    • Improved items repartition: some items are available sooner but rare items are more scarce, particularly in the first levels
    • Slightly increased the amount of module slots
    • Tweaked events probabilities
    • Increased Food reward quantity of Cryo Capsule
    • Slightly increased Dust loot in rooms
    • Slightly increased global mobs difficulties
    • Increased Silics mobs power
    • Added area of damage on Silics Bulldozer (“Golem”) and Necrophage Red Flying mobs
    • Slightly increased Food cost to level up a hero
    • Increased skill effect duration (+1sec)
    • Increased effect power of skills on:
      • Warface
      • Red Plume
      • Kneecaped
      • Duelist
    • Reduced effect power of “Engage Turtle Mode” skill
    • Added damage over time on hero, with “Sacrifice” skill effect (instead of direct damage)

    • Fixed a bug where the destroyed module slots aren’t saved
    • Fixed a bug where Gork remains black in the hero selection screen when discovered
    • Fixed a bug where the hero gets stuck when the user tries to interact with the "Endless Artefact" while opening a door


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    1. SpaceVC's Avatar
      SpaceVC -
      When do you sleep, guys?
    1. GFX47's Avatar
      GFX47 -
    1. Predateur701's Avatar
      Predateur701 -
      Best week, evar!
    1. PorkChopExpress's Avatar
      PorkChopExpress -
      New floors, new heroes, new mobs. Nice!
    1. Stealth_Hawk's Avatar
      Stealth_Hawk -
      Always nice to hear DotE is progressing
    1. Eedgy's Avatar
      Eedgy -
      Great !!! With Endless Legend + this DOTE update, you really want all of us us to stop sleeping ? Yes that must be that... So we will be like you GFX47, this update and your nice post (really love this gif) means you are now back ? Hope so and the most important hope eveything is fine for you !
    1. Zifor's Avatar
      Zifor -
      Fantastic update been finally able to complete an Alpha game and the additions made it very fun and possible too. Keep up the fantastic work!
    1. NileAurion's Avatar
      NileAurion -
      Still waiting for mac version...
    1. fill87omsk's Avatar
      fill87omsk -
      Great! Thanks!
    1. stebod's Avatar
      stebod -
      Game is broken with this update for me, screen will only scroll up and right with the mouse and i had a crash while the crystal was at the exit, the game did not progress and all heros and enemy's became invincible, this has happened on two diferent computers so far
    1. Kaneko's Avatar
      Kaneko -
      The female looks a lot like Ellen Ripley from Alien... that's nice
    1. Trumen05's Avatar
      Trumen05 -
    1. PicoSan's Avatar
      PicoSan -
      I have to say guys, DotE has blown my socks off. I got through the first 6 floors just before this new update dropped, and I had a great time playing. Going to be checking out this newest update on my days off Just wanted to give some respect, and hope you guys keep up the excellent work. DotE is freakin rad.
    1. Hephesto's Avatar
      Hephesto -
      Badass indeed, can't wait to try all this new stuff out. The game just keeps getting better and deeper. Also nice to see Endless Legend moving along, hopefully some of the 4X Youtubers will pick up on it as well. Tons of exposure and player feedback are very welcome thing!
    1. TheWanderer's Avatar
      TheWanderer -
      Finally, bought the game after seeing this update! It's fantastic! Such a great game so far. I'm so happy I decided to grab it. It's my first game from Amplitude, but I will be picking up Endless Space and Legend soon! Thanks for making a (sometimes) jaded gamer very happy! Keep up the great work!
    1. cthulhupie's Avatar
      cthulhupie -
      I love the new heroes guys
    1. DerEndeffekt's Avatar
      DerEndeffekt -
      Same here. I LOVED, ehr love Endless Space. So I bought the Founder Packs for Endless Legends and DotE. I need to learn so much in EL, but DotE is sooo much (endless ;-) ) fun to me.!Good Job guys!
    1. bargol's Avatar
      bargol -
      Quote Originally Posted by cthulhupie View Post
      I love the new heroes guys
      Look so badass yes