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  • [EL] Add-On Announced: Visions of the Unseen

    Hey everyone,

    Next week, Endless Legend will deliver its second free Add-On:

    Visions of the Unseen.

    We know you probably have plenty of questions regarding the exact content and release date, but we'll have to ask you to be patient. As we get closer to the release, we'll share with you more information on what the update will include so make sure you follow the Dev Blog.

    But that's not it... Endless Space will also receive its long-awaited update (yay!); but once again, you'll have more info tomorrow and in the upcoming days so come check out the blog tomorrow!

    New Side Quests

    Visions Of the Unseen add-on will include 10 new side quests! Here's a preview of the artwork our artists have worked on.

    Quest Weapons

    Still related: quest weapons now have awesome special effects. Take a look!

    That's it for today. We'll post more info on Endless Space and Endless Legend in the following days so stay tuned!

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    1. Teslaflux's Avatar
      Teslaflux -
      Awesome. Can´t wait to read about the updates.
    1. Tdoggs's Avatar
      Tdoggs -
      When and where is the stuff going to be posted for endless space? So excited
    1. nnwork's Avatar
      nnwork -
      Tomorrow? Ahhhh such a tease!
    1. Myrddin's Avatar
      Myrddin -
      Great news, hey could the peeps assigned to the "roadmap" update it, I like to see the approximate estimation of where your all at with projects
    1. EdwardFalcon's Avatar
      EdwardFalcon -
      Yay! Stoked for this! Finally!
    1. myrec's Avatar
      myrec -
      I hope this will come with balance changes as well. Excited.
    1. Laquantus's Avatar
      Laquantus -
      Yay! , May you live a prosperous long live Amplitude . Obs: Lol are you guys using the 3 wise monkeys ? , i mean 1 - faction -cultists - follow the orders of the Unspoken 2 - Addon - Visions of the unseen 3 - Expansion - Echoes of the Unheard Just a pattern
    1. Tosheroon's Avatar
      Tosheroon -
      Great support being given to all your titles Amplitude, so great news. I'm itching to try out the new improvements.
    1. DaiAku's Avatar
      DaiAku -
      Nice work guys - can't wait!
    1. WalterWhite's Avatar
      WalterWhite -
      Juste vous félicitez les gars. Vous faites du sacré boulot chez Amplitude, toujours à l'écoute de la communauté et surtout vous faites partager vos avancées. Et en plus vous faites du taf de qualité !! Encore GG !!
    1. Artox's Avatar
      Artox -
      Thank you! You guys are one of the last studios from whom i can buy games unseen!
    1. nJohan's Avatar
      nJohan -
      Great to hear your working on Endless legend ! In the multiplayer community we talk a lot about combat balance, will this be addressed in the patch ?
      (just a slight nerf to initiative archers is needed, either start initiative or initiative bonus from weapons. Secondly it is impossible to beat ardent mages lategame with their AOE stun spell that only cost 60 dust, simply to many unit on the battle field and to start an area gets stunned. Maybe just one unit?)