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  • [ES] Seventh Add-On Announced: Chronicles of the Lost

    Hey guys,

    Two years and a half may have passed since its release, but we are excited to announce a seventh free add-on for Endless Space:

    Chronicles of the Lost.

    As a reminder, Endless Space is the first 4X we released, back in 2012: a space strategy game, that probably made people dream as much as us.

    We launched the alpha on Steam back in May 2012, before the Early Access system even existed: early builds and the GAMES2GETHER system allowed us to gather feedback and generate community content, that we would implement to improve the game before its actual release. It was tedious and required a lot of organisation, but it turned out it was really fun and constructive to work with players and even meet up in person at events.

    That's why we decided to repeat the experience with our recent releases: Endless Legend and Dungeon of the Endless. We put aside Endless Space for a while to dedicate our time and efforts with our new titles but made a promise to return to ES one more time. Now that the games are out as well, we didn't forget our promise to deliver this long awaited update.

    So in case you forgot about Endless Space or are just discovering the Endless games: Chronicles of the Lost will be available next week for Endless Space and Endless Space: Disharmony. It will mostly contain some improvements (Disharmony) and bug fixes (vanilla & Disharmony), based on what we have collected on the forum. In the upcoming days, we will be sharing more information on the content and the release date, so make sure you follow our Facebook/Twitter pages besides the Dev Blog!

    Let's start with random events...

    Addition of Colonisation Events + More Exploration Events

    Here's a preview of some random events that will occur in game: more exploration events, but also something new, the colonisation events! These can now be triggered when colonising a new planet.

    Lore: The more you see of the universe, the more you realize you know nothing. Here, for instance, you have found ancient ruins, and ponder their meaning. Outpost? Monastery? Expedition?

    Bonus: +60 Research

    Lore: Artefacts strewn in the ruins show an ancient civilisation existed. But the size and shape are like nothing you have seen before; and your scientists and archaeologists wonder what it may mean.

    • Evil: Scrap
      • +2 Industry on planet for 10 turns
    • Neutral: Recycle
      • +1 Industry on planet (permanent)
    • Good: Study them
      • -1 Industry on planet for 10 turns
      • +3 Science on planet for 20 turns

    We would like to thank you for the feedback and hope you will enjoy many more hours playing Endless Space.
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    1. SpaceVC's Avatar
      SpaceVC -
      “All that is gold does not glitter,
      Not all those who wander are lost;
      The old that is strong does not wither,
      Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

      From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
      A light from the shadows shall spring;
      Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
      The crownless again shall be king.”

      ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring
    1. lnxnet's Avatar
      lnxnet -
      Thank you Amplitude Studios !
    1. melkathi's Avatar
      melkathi -
      Good to see ES-love
    1. Tosheroon's Avatar
      Tosheroon -
      Thanks for following through on your promise to return to patching ES. I'm excited to see that the expansion is coming out so soon!
    1. snake_0iler's Avatar
      snake_0iler -
      ES is one of my gaming glad to see it is not forgotten.
    1. BBR91's Avatar
      BBR91 -
      Thank you for returning to Endless Space. Not many studios would still support a game two years after release. It is one of my favorite 4X games and I hope one day you will make an Endless Space 2 to build upon the principles of Endless Space and to expand them further as you gain more expertise and insight into the 4X genre.Honestly, as far as I am concerned, you are the best game studio I know of. Your long-term commitment to your games and the fair pricing, your involvement with the community and the respect you show really are commendable things. I hope Endless Legend and DotE will allow you to further develop financially and to allow you to continue making great games and expand upon the ones you already released. Maybe you can give us a hint as to how well EL and DotE are selling relative to your expectations.You are setting a new standard in the industry. Thank you!
    1. Piruparka's Avatar
      Piruparka -
      Very exciting, very much looking forward to learn more about the content.
    1. Kulzar's Avatar
      Kulzar -
      It's like Christmas in November! =D
    1. InFlamesWeTrust's Avatar
      InFlamesWeTrust -
      I am all for this! More Endless space!
    1. Lamsey's Avatar
      Lamsey -
      Fingers crossed for a combat rebalance. Together with the new events, that would get me back into Disharmony big-time. Thanks for continuing to support the best 4X game since MoO2, Amplitude!
    1. Kingsguard's Avatar
      Kingsguard -
      Thats great
    1. ishar's Avatar
      ishar -
      It's always GREAT to hear more news about Endless space
    1. Andy_Dandy's Avatar
      Andy_Dandy -
      There are 4 great studios in the world. You have Amplitude, Paradox, Stardock and Firaxis.
    1. Gwynneth's Avatar
      Gwynneth -
      Great news, thank you guys.
    1. EndlessCrashes's Avatar
      EndlessCrashes -
      Yay thanks Amplitude!
    1. Ashlamalouk's Avatar
      Ashlamalouk -
      Adding those new events is a great idea ! I used to think Endless Space is... colder than EL because of the lack of sidequests, but this addon may change my way of thinking Anyway, thanks for this free addon!! You RuleZ !